About the Advent Devo

This year, as a part of the season of Advent, we at Eastbrook Church wrote an Advent Devotional to be used alone or in conjunction with an Advent Wreath.

Advent is a four-week season of heart-preparation and thoughtful recalibration as we draw near to Christmas. First, we enter into the longing of God’s people, Israel, as they await the Savior who was promised. Second, we enter into anticipatory waiting for Jesus’ second coming with a renewed focus on what matters most. This slow, reflective attention of the Advent season helps us recover the anticipation and wonder appropriate to a fully-engaged celebration of Jesus’ birth at Christmas.

  1. This Blog!—Check back each day for the day’s devotional.
  2. Daily Email—Sign up for a special email list that will send you each day’s devotional at 4 am each morning. Sign up here.
  3. Mobile App—Download the Eastbrook Church mobile app and use the “Devo” tab to read each day. The devotionals will be published each morning at 4 am.
  4. Printed Book—A limited run of free devotional books are available at Eastbrook Church (5385 N. Green Bay Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53209)
  5. Digital DownloadDownload the PDF of the book and print it out at home.
  • Each week of this devotional contains one longer Sunday devotional reading written by Pastor Matt Erickson and one Family Talk devotional written by our NextGen Pastor Laure Herlinger, intended for families with young children.
  • During the week, you will find daily Scripture readings, reflection questions, and occasionally a Nativity building activity for your family to do together (look for this star ✦).
  • There are also hymns included for each week for your reflection and worship.
  • Although it is not necessary, this devotional is intended to be paired with an Advent Wreath. Each day when you open this devotional, light the candle of your Advent Wreath. Every Sunday, include another candle.
  • Use the reflection questions to talk about what you’ve read with someone else or to journal on your own.
  • Use the online version of the devotional readings to reach out to friends online and around the world. Invite them to follow along with you during Advent this year. Use Eastbrook’s Facebook page (facebook.com/eastbrookchurch) and other social media outlets such as Twitter and Instagram (@eastbrookchurch) to share ideas.Post your comments, thoughts, and questions in the online version. Read others’ comments. This is a great way to learn from the perspectives of others.